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Open Your Eyes

Sep 4, 2008


Nothing Project's 1st video is on the web for all to see. Shame is on YouTube and on the home page for now until I find it a more permanent home here. Comments and ratings on Youtube will help its ranking and help more people to see it. So help promote your favorite one man band from New Jersey and spread this rock like sweet sweet jelly.

Free Music

Aug 27, 2008


Free MP3 downloads are now available for 2 Nothing Project songs on the Music page. Download and share these songs with your rocker friends. You can also download all 12 songs for only $4.00 in the store. Blogs are welcome to link to these pages and files.

Rock Review Sighting

Aug 23, 2008


Nothing Project's CD has been reviewed on the very cool Ripple Effect, an obviously excellent music review site/blog. "The music falls in line with the bluesy noise rock of The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, but I like this stuff a whole lot better." That's what the Ripple said and more… read the whole review at the Ripple Effect.

Preview The CD

May 28, 2008

A new music player is up on the music page as well as in the store. Now you can preview samples of all 12 songs on the CD. Three songs are still available at full length.